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atrophied. The strength of the fore-arm is diminished, and that of the

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sweet than cane sugar. It is harder, and thus assists in the

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.03). Subcutaneously- H., gr. 3-4 (gm. .2-.24). D., gr. i-i (gm.

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The following account of the operation I have from Dr. May, who

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number arise from some disturbance in the sanitary conditions of

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of the unit are represented by the Latin prefixes, as Deci-0.1,

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The only rational use for arnica is in stimulating the

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And here we must leave this admirable report, re;.(rettiiig that want

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A gum-resin obtained from the root of Ferula foetida

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from indigestion and diarrhoea. It should be administered

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lately Professor of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Chil-

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practice of dentistry who is not well versed in tho principles and prac-

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quent micturition. Those symptoms are succeeded, in

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phvsiulogical action from the successive exhibition of equal doses.

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Mr. C, a youn£f man, 25 years of ajE^e, a tailor by trade, of previ-

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drawn back, the limbs were extended and stiff, the tail was

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to unload the bowels, and in irritated conditions of the

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ices by soaking it iu antiseptic solutions (as creoliu 1-2 per

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unless the dose is excessive. Traces of alum are said to

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One year ago. in the fall of 1859, she went to a quack three times

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rvation and experimentation amon}:^ the students, for it has hitherto

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maxilla, and its extremity extending nearly as far backwards, I ima-

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of good bright timothy or herds grass with a slight admix-

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ing finger was first entered. The needle was now detached. Next,

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Italy. I cannot but think the atmospheric and hygienic conditions

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P'dula, pi. Filulai. — Pills are preparations of drugs made

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tially depressing action upon the nervous system as a whole.

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lowing three days there was a subsidence of the fever and inflamma-

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Aqua, Water. Aqua Destillata, Distilled Water, H^O.

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much relieved, 152 ; relieved, 279 ; not relieved, 77 ; not treated, 138 ;

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Derivation. — Powdered and dried potassium carbonate,

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on the riu:ht hand, the road, which ruMS close along the water's edge

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