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with an evening rise and morning fall, and she began to complain of

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amounts of fat. Even under normal conditions the blood contains a small

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have received the announcement of the College will know that

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of five miles, in cold frosty weather, and the metal handles of cycle

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And of 75 who were considered to need lenses, 52 carried out the treatment by

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as I understand them, to the game itself, but to the evils accompany-

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pushed, to the original point. If the ingestion of the drug, however, be con-

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— e. g., in bacteriological diagnosis. We are somewhat surprised that

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time practicable nor essential. For practical purposes there is

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a food soiled with bovine or even human bacilli may not give

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the dog was dead, and I went out there and found the lower

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The phosphoric acid is precipitated as aramonio- magnesium phosphate.

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Atropine, 1/4 to i grain. It is said that very little atropine

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became gangrenous — resembling the lesion seen in Ra\iiaud's

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By D. Arthur Hughes, Ph. D., D. V. M., Cornell University.

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is confined to a written test for several very good reasons : first,

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bacilli in twenty-four, virulent characteristic diphtheria bacilli in eight,

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Single box, ^^5.00, prepaid, by express ; half dozen boxes, $20.00,

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" After many years of great care and experiment we have at

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cial districts. All Philippine cattle carry the Texas fever tick,

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though the leg is thickened at point of fracture and is some-

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But the authority of the men who were heading the move-

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partial removal of fluid from cysts or from the abdomen, but urges the

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production of the borborygms, which would have served much

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due to nervous exhaustion is a condition of great importance not always

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chromaffin cells are so intimately related to the sympathetic ganglia,

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The sugar which I have found in these urines has been determined by

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entire individual, however ; sometimes the operation affects only

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existed were slightly jaundiced, and the. urobilin, therefore, may have

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such. I am very loath, however, to jump to this latter conclusion, be-

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of osmic acid. Afterv/ards or necessarily later, the pieces are

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