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LIST of Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Treasurers, Secretaries,

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of the cases in which death took place. I shall report the clinical his-

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by Drs. V. A. Moore, Walter J. Taylor and Ward Giltner,

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*' One of the factors that has materially retarded the work of

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dishonest, slipshod, careless and- indifferent of all the people in

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six days ; 5, within seven days ; 5, within eight days ; 1, within nine days ;

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of medium intensity, but with severe and prolonged muscular cramps. Vom-

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Infiltrated glanders of the lungs form tumors from the size

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they are comminuted, is subject to government analysis. Sul-

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channel of thought, to the end that enabling legislation may

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magnet for discussion, diseases of green horses did not fail in this

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ment, multiple neuritis, or cerebral hemorrhage, or the sleeplessness due to

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sigmoid region having been dealt with, and appendicostomy done.

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ment from the reception which attends his first effort, that he

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it shows the solution to be reliable. Add now 10 drops of the urine, heat

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foliage, hills and dales that bewitches one's sense of idealism in

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proved on, but agreed with me that the coronitis was the most

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Thoracic Wound — Recovery \^A. Maynard^ M, R, C V,

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while in the same period at the Trousseau it was 32 per cent.

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horses : glanders, infectious pneumonia, influenza, strangles,

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Three hours after the physician's visit the eruption had changed, being

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large marble, and the tissue separating them was sclerotic and

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Such cases are, however, extremely dangerous, due to a possibil-

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rapid accumulation of exudate may overwhelm an already enfeebled heart.

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obstetrics are given by the chief of the laboratories of histology, micro-

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above had a moderately distinct margin, separating it from the healthy

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Veterinary Jour7tal {\^ondior\) has enough of such capital letters

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food on arriving at the end of the journey. Was called about

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emaciated. There was a white irregular cicatrix in the mucous mem-

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2, immediately after having their pictures taken, and with no

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* But either of these processes may also give rise to miliary aneurisms.


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