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is essential to follow exactly the directions. The cord being
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producer it becomes teeming with bacteria, which means
amaryllis bulbs growing instructions care
rectum, the bladder was felt enormously distended. As the
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and Some Methods of their Infection with Tuberculosis," by
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the anatomical order to consider it at this time. Without
amaryllis bulbs
All this seemed to show that it was not the germ, but the sus-
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influenced and with smaller doses than is typhoid fever, and pneumonic
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might be due to any lesion of the suprarenal capsules, such as cancer.
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returned to the stable within half an hour because of severe
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Department of Ao^riculture, a veterinary inspector of the Sub-
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growing amaryllis outdoors in pots
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sented from a conservative standpoint, starting from the proposition that
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both symptoms may be seen in either condition. Amaurosis
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disease in a child, a boy, one year old {Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, July 5,
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other disturbances of the ocular muscles ; and the chapters upon the
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give the patient marked and permanent relief, and as the X-rays
storing amaryllis belladonna bulbs
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cess appears to be in some way connected with the absorption of the fat with
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marked that he had said one should in that case think there was a
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tember, 1894, p. 451) presents a clinical and experimental study upon this
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the patient in only one case was over the age of 30.
amaryllis bulb care after bloom
Fritsch {Centralblatt fur Oynakologie, 1894, No. 35) affirms that the supe-
how to store amaryllis bulbs after they bloom
which we have seen, it is the periosteum which is the principal seat
amaryllis bulb care after flowering
and afterward appearing suddenly, and springing, as it were, upon the
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derive so much benefit from a course of spa treatment. There is
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4. The observations above cited give the hope that these injections w^ill be
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next meeting of the Association about July 4th, upon call of
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altered in form as a' result of the pressure induced by development
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son. I would rather take a few quarts of milk from the whole
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of, and within, the first cyst opened was one of the cysts growing inward,
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Dr Bramwell thought that the skin of his back was a little darker
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*** George Hunter, M.D., F.R.C.S. Ed., F.R.C.P. Ed.,
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giant amaryllis care instructions
Russia, China, Asia, Africa, the islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans,
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combat colic if the practitioner expected to encounter in every
red lion amaryllis growing instructions
plant amaryllis bulbs outside
Nebraska Veterinary Law Hei^d Void. — The law en-
amaryllis bulbs growing indoors
Professor of Surgery and Obstetrics in the New York State Veterinary
amaryllis flower growing tips


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