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or complete obliteration of the lumen, in order to ascertain whether

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doubt for a moment the absolute correctness of the statement, but the

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twenty-nine fractures of legs, five compound fractures, six fatal abdominal

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often present in virgins or nulliparae, is a contra-indication. In this con-

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and this should be done in a milk room, in a separate building

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ally presents itself during the course of infective fevers, the two factors

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lower lip in five minutes. The paralysis disappeared in five

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of radiographic experts has recently been appointed by the electro-

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window, pass up the scala vestibuli of the cochlea to the apex,

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more than once remain in a semi- collapsed condition several hours and

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other members of the Veterinary Division were widely distrib-

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at the ojx-ration, and the radiograph showed, that then- was a thin

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anarchy," whereas the fact is, though there were no doubt many

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mobilists are sowing the wind there the same as in the United

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using aviary bacilli in attempts at vaccination of mammalia ; but

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experience, a mum])s patient might be considered free of infection

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great deal different to what we find in the temperate zone.

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The application of an abdominal support, carefully made and

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tion of the inter-vertebral bloodvessels exists on the internal

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gical diseases of the skin and mucous membranes — the whole

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upwards from the stomach, returning immediately upon itself


ever such a box and its contents goes this is a mark of refer-

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materially diminished or increased ; he was sceptical on the subject,

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connection with this meeting. Officers were elected as follows :

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•each year. He must furnish evidence of a good moral character

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his services are recognized. We have quit entirely appointing

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diately at 115° F., but when muscle is in great activity it coagu-

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to stand. Made to get up, she does it with the utmost difficulty,

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