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right, being about six inches in length, twisted, and much thickened.

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1. Cases of destruction of the suprarenal glands without any

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A.M., V.M.D., Chief of Pathological Division, U. S. Bureau of

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do amaryllis grow outside

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" On Multiple Neuromata of the Central Nervous System," by

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oped in the mastoid wound, made previously for the sake of " drainage of the

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Dr, H. A. Rea(Ps paper on *' Pathology and Treatme7it of Na-

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cording his observations ^ he adds to the knowledge of his profession, and assists by his facts

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tion and impaired nutrition and consequent granular degeneration ;

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loaded with pigment (as early as at birth) and surrounded by satellite

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mechanical eflTect of this operation as follows: "As in Hahn's opera-

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cavities. The tumor was a serum-containing cyst, having many small cysts

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in Nature's effort to afford sui>jM>rt, and these, while ber\ing their

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Morris, Baker, Fish, and others. In opposition were Drs.

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ministration in cases of tetanus beneath the skin could certainly do no

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abundance, those of the throat being particularly numerous.

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Dr. F. Cinotti, Professor at the Veterinary College of Pisa, has

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For this most helpful service, we desire to express our appreci-

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the smallest bronchioles and the alveola of the luags. Exami-

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Amoebae were not found in the stools of children, but only in those of adults.

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teur's method. It would seem that the ratioual course in a given case

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With reference to the absolute patency of the fistula resulting from

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the neck. Notwithstanding deep incisions of the abscess the symptoms of

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ing operation which he has performed in twenty-four cases. The cervix is

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sutures, etc., are clear and concise. Advanced surgeons may object to

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that is " specifically peculiar to physiological and to pathological

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was not found in any. Streptococci were present in 5, staphylococci in

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in a poor, feeble, and vigourless st'itc of health were, of course, very

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cautioned, for example, not to allow eyelashes to remain under the eye-

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valuable animals, the patronage of which they greatly desired^

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150 cases, I am making a safe estimate. However, some veter-

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the driver, if a close observer of his team, will note changes in

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well repay careful perusal. The cautions and advice to students and

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method of closing the colostomy wouml. This has been entirely


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