Care Of Amaryllis Bulbs After Flowering Uk


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proposed by Obalinaki. After making a short anterior and a long posterior

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In the light of the post-mortem findings this seems to us signifi-

amaryllis bulbs care after blooming

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est veterinarians engaged in city practice I must confess to mo-

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the careful regulation of the bowels, as essential points in the treat-

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this organism has been found associated with lesions of any of the in-

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In the meshes of the columnse carnse of the left auricle and ventricle

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amaryllis bulb care uk

order on the legislative fund for the amount drawn.

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(3) Consequently, sero- vaccination against strangles seems

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mal. The third carcass was left for my examination, but as

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the cost of horse maintenance twenty-five per cent. For scien-

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PoRAK {Nouvelles Archives d' Obstitrique et de Oyntcologie, 1894, No. 3) con-

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On the whole we may agree with Arnold, who, in a careful

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practical questions ? Is not everj' revolution in thought inevitably

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dates from the American Veterinary Medical Association — but

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of treatment in the cases in groups 2 and 3. Comj>lete rest is valu-

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family, one child almost dying. On the heels of the first patient

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used the horse, which is most easily immunized and stands the toxine much

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amaryllis care after blooming uk

the transmission of leprosy by contagion." Stallard'" and White"**

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trol and extermination of animal plagues. The fact that he es-

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J. Marshall, Philadelphia; Mrs. H. P. Brooks, Philadelphia ;

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found within the abdomen, extending from the margin of the ribs to

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Professor Ralph Stockman, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Glasgow,

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entious an editor for its essay into the American veterinary

care of amaryllis bulbs after flowering uk

ble position under the federal Commissioner of Agriculture be-

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1) records the case of a boy aged six years, who had been seized a year previ-

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Pres. Price: We will now call on Dr. Beebe for his re-

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The experiments demonstrated that the bacillus obtained from the sub-

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I may add, from what Prof. Zangger has told me, faith in the

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tary transmission of leprosy must ever appear as an heirloom of a past

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greater the proportion of sugar the more rapid will be the change to yellow,

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