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other toxwmias. This I found could be done, and I also lound that

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In connection with the bacteriological examination of the urine in

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making original cultures from the throat. The blood -serum mixture is

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his statements would be credited as reliable by the British med-

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A Wonderful Grass for Breeders. — Mr. B. Harrison,

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ness of other remedies, at least without their unpleasant effects; especially it

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him for the excellent demonstration they had just witnessed.

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should delay be one of the conditions present, your attention will be

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States to properly recognize the veterinarian by giving him the

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surrounded by new cellular tissue, which causes an enlarge-

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Cocaine^ in ten minutes, an area of 2 cm. in diameter was

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sincere appreciation and commendation of our esteemed and

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from its intrinsic ganglia, and these are probably even more effectively

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cavity and mastoid antrum, and form part of the middle ear cleft.

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diphtheria. In several instances it was found in healthy throats.

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seen hundreds of cases. Of course, if every dropped jaw is a

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canker is dry. On an average the treatment requires from three

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however, does not lead to the formation of infarcts. The arteries and veins

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sidered as a contagious disease, exclusively inoculable to bo-

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the culture became more or less clouded, an effect which is exceptionally

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the radial distribution was free, although a typical claw-hand was present;

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can containing drugs hurtful to human health or that the con-

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He found a large area of both feet not yet desquamated. He did

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and an adaptability to the varying needs of localities. He has

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was injected beneath the mammae at the base of the tumor.

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treatment; Charcot points out that true syphilis may simulate the

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KOBSON [Brit. Med. Journ., July 14, 1894) reports twelve cases of operation

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three openings lay a gall-stone, and from the neighborhood of the stones upon

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well isolated, the bacilli were found in less than 10 per cent, of the

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not my purpose nor do I believe it possible to differentiate these

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