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extend our conclusions to the other manifold beneficial results produced

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be on the respiratory tract of the horse, when administered for

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caecum it is usually easy to recognise that the cancer has spread to

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peritoneal cavity, for safety's sake, and passed out between two of the

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fairly smothered him with words of praise for the great work he

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complete darkness is no protection. Many cases occur while

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Association, and that is that the superintendent of Swift & Co.,

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got up, but soon laid down again. When up, whenever he

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narian who feels like going in for a special course of meat in-

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are absolute indications 1;o this form of treatment. — Bulletin gtndral de Thira-

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the saliva and the amount. I have had quite a little to do with

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stomach the internal cone runs more in a sagittal line. If the tube be

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taste, color, smell and firmness. In mess pork barrels he should

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was going on around him. The next morning he was in about

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tive interference indicated, as fluids also were regurgitated. Operation

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T. Churchill, Secaucus ; Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Conover, Fleming-

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been done in connection with the discovery with the Negri

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can ward off the chronic and incurable consequences which may follow

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ing, erythematous-looking eruption on both legs, midway between the

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might be done, but practically all effort is unavailing. A large

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the reorganization of the veterinary service of the Army.

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nates. — American Medico- Surgical Bulletin, 1894, No. 7, p. 392.

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tube later enters the stomach rather in a straight sagittal direction, not,

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tural College, South Carolina, being Bulletin 122, of the Agri-

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Robert J. Foster, D. V.M., N. Y. State '02, Fort Oglethorpe,

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France, and 80 Lombard St., London, England, with branches

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surrounded by and containing distinctly more small round cells than those

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and reluctant to move, but otherwise apparently much in the

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is then taken, the breath is held, and the patient bends forwards to


more than his fellows to the advancement of our science and

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short time ago it published " society proceedings " to the ex-

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tumor became tense, the animal almost comatous. Reduction

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what he is doing, and the harm his result is likely to cause.

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sibly be expected in the few years they have been in operation.

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reactions, which precede by several days all external manifesta-

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and showed the interesting condition shown in Fig. 17. This is


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