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physician when actual physical trouble is upon them, and then it is often

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paralyzed so that no coughing occurs. This mucus may come

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form of custard, curds, jelly, cream, or stewed fruit without added

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or condemned ; (2) microscopic examination of diseased meats.

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powers which have made a three-years attendance at college

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of the vessels of the submucosa were thickened, and the muscularis mucosa

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transmitted in any other way. The dog is the animal most

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avoid indiscriminate arm-to-arm vaccination where leprosy is endemic.

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in question. At times, too, secondary involvement of the nervous sys-

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Berge' extols this remedy (chaulmoogra oil), and gives notes of three

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Easter, when quite a material amount of time was spent in com-

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to measles ; one-seventh due to whooping-cough, one-eighth to

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the Trousseau Hospital. Of these, 316 died, a mortality of 60 per cent.

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dehyde and their detection, as well as the detection of such

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Dr Ailchispii Robertson asked if it could not be given as thyroid

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Most authors of works or articles on organic heart disease refer also

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patient was maniacal and the other deeply intoxicated.

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but " trust to first seeing a case with a student who has already attended

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over the body generally, and especially over the upper part of the

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tions and erasures during the past few years that the old printed

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first rib, which brought about the state of ill health, and at a

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Some of the cases developed membrane (punctate, in other cases diffuse

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house industries. He must at least know how meats and meat

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ment. It was said, and I have no reasons to doubt the truth of

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For many years, in the fear that I might overlook some lurking

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and then died. The other six diseased ones were only slightly

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the natural excretory organs. (2) That the localization of


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