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by the administration at Washington that it might be best to

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methods of rice cultivation prevail and until road making in the

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present time is a development of an era of antiseptic medicine

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the veterinary colleges in the State of New York, but such is not the case, as President

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their collections at my disposal for this investigation. I have also

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anatomically to the patella and its ligaments. In one case we

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recovery and was well and sound except scar on back tendons

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ous hernia, but there was no mesentery present. It sprang from the lower

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hinphatic spaces), and (b) pan-lab\Tinthitis, in which the bony

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/J. — Animal No. VII was injected with .867 grams (13

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denly, and in that case alarming symptoms may instantly arise. These

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section of the joint is made through the middle of the trochlea.

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his head down in shame, with an apologetic grin, as if to say :.

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more prevalent than smallpox, even in times of the worst epidemics, one

the effects of combination therapy with dutasteride and tamsulosin on clinical outcomes

well repay careful perusal. The cautions and advice to students and

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into the uterus checks hemorrhage, but only in the same way as any foreign

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from the typhoid bacillus. The pseudo-diphtheria bacillus was found in

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helped in its action by the other means which I have mentioned, the

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The Veterinarian and the Music Master. — Two gen-

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book which is simplicity itself, can be so made. (D. A. H.)

tamsulosin dutasteride wikipedia

tination Test for Glanders ;" Dr. Thomas G. Sherwood, " Tuber-

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months, commencing either in October or January. During

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breaks out again among the horses. Therefore, in the struggle

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grow wheat or corn on the same land year after year, without

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Cornell ; Dr. M. J. Rosenau, Director of Hygienic Laboratory,

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the busy man all the latest doings in the veterinary world."

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using prepared vegetable plates, is preferable, the prepared turnip plates

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plays on the evolution of infection. These experimenters constructed

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two-year-old German coach stallion, was on the main floor of a

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than Dr. Melvin? At the time when the resignation occurred

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men, inguinal region, and palms. The microscopical examination showed

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lished by the author in Washington, D. C. The contents are


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