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IS Ibid. IS Ibid. '* Ibid. » Ibid. i« Ibid. " Ibid.

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of the sample treatment, if their Nitrox Anti-Toxic Salt fails in a case

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not in any sense make an official reply to our critics in France,

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After History of Cases. — No recurrence was noted in any of the

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tion was given to other possible carriers of infection, such as the

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on April 27 by a 10 per cent, solution of tannin and on the fol-

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had so often treated and explained to their clients, was wholly

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The main facts and conclusions regarding the ten cases of this

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so. His office forbade him. The geiieral public is ignorant of

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here of being able to put the infectivity, as it were, under the micro-

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villi. 5, Of the organic iron compounds belonging to the " chromatin " class,

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" In general, however, the milk supply of the islands is of the

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theria are supplied with the outfit, and are as follows :

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street, who held up his hands in pious horror at Chicago, ap-

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portion of the muscle tissue just beneath the necrotic endocardium,

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operation will not be impaired, as far as its functional result is con-

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cause (by occlusion of vessels or rupture of miliary aneurisms of syph-

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below in a meshwork of platinum wire, and between each row a circular zinc

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tubal dilatation, was apparently normal. The muscular wall was very

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structed the attendant to give an ounce every two hours. The

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month, and after that gradually diminished. This is of prac-

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peared in her sixteenth year, and has always been regular, lasting three

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When he registered at that hotel again, the boniface took him

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regulations. For instance, hogs which have been carelessly al-

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(Late Director Animal Industry Insular Bureau of Agriculture,

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