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food, dwelling, or economical, social, or political conditions.

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posts. They are, third, canned, prepared, (cooked) meats and

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with dense adhesions. The fimbriated extremity was lacerated, the

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appendix trouble when present being secondary. Moj'nihan and

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Serum alone is only used as a temporary prophylactic and

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metabolism. What becomes of the fats I do not know, unless, as is

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by the introducion of a strip of gauze. The raw surfaces are not covered with

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leprosy, that the disease renders the male impotent, is true only after it

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York City, and he never rested until the objectionable proviso

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eighths of an inch above the sawn end of the bone ; the needle is passed back

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appendectomy, under the belief that the appendix was the cause

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It seems justiliahle to conclude that the irritation of chronic

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manipulation may be found in the reports for other years."

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has been invalided home on a five months' vacation leave to

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go beyond two grains, for more than this is apt to depress the patient.

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bowel, as in two of the plates just thrown on tlie screen, in which his

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terests in Chicago, which, on December 13th, offered the Uni-

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labor, are to be strictly separated, on the basis of the post-mortem

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differential determination by obscure clinical evidences.

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" The physiological activity of nearly all drugs, more espe-

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Derby ; Geo. F. McGuire, New Britain ; W. S. Plaskett, Clin-

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ernment, and until ' The Jungle ' came along, as also the ex-

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operating tables, which we are preparing to manufacture, on the

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skin, which slowly has to fill up with cicatricial tissue. I also believe

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Dr. Max Einhorn, of this city. The latter had sounded him and found

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On the whole he justifies his study — in spite of our supposed Ameri-

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the ventral surface of the trunk, and in connection with

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Distal to the tumour the appendix is atrophieti, measuring .4

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The name is, for several reasons, objectionable, but no convenient sub-

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being the case, it is absolutely necessary to take measures for

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sary to give a purge. Some people say one ought ; others do not

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