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repel, in anger, the efforts of family and friends in their behalf; they
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if commenced early in the disease, and continued long enough and uninter-
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half of humanity the rate of multiplication is highest, we must
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afforded to some of the guinea-pigs by the injection.
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ous hernia, but there was no mesentery present. It sprang from the lower
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Europe, and that before the end of the seventeenth it had been almost
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areas of cells, namely, neutral urates with the MjU, and acid urates
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oesophagus. If unfavorable, Witzel's method should be done wherever
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exhaustless lands of the middle West, where it was possible to
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jects. He also maintains that the bacilli of avian tuberculosis
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reached. If it is necessary for the patient to use his eyes, a solution of eserine
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I have already done in my paper on azoturia, read before this
in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of
after a few days she had a swelling on one side of the mammae,
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looking to the reopening of '' the veterinary practice act."
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been prepared by subjection to currents of oxygen which enable them to take
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marvellous results — results he was in nowise prepared to witness — follow
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observed to group themselves in clumps instead of swimming
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cutaneous wound stitched, hoping that perhaps union might
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tion to the nervous system can be averted or the chances for such
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may demand. With the multiplication of veterinary interests
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spotted, typhoid, nor with scarlet fever or the disease of the
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gus. This opening is irregular, measures about six centimetres,
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man in the beginning. At a later stage, 210 c.c. would be required.
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the ileum to the transverse colon. When on the other hand the
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stages, producing extreme emaciation and pallor. It seems to
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were burned with a hot iron and dressed dry with calomel and
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majority of the lying-in hospitals and their out-patient departments are
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and the formation of cysts and brain-scars. The author reports two cases of
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sclerttdcma, which began with an er\themat<>us condition, Ix-came
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the cells are smaller than normal red blood cells of the chicken. The cells are also quite ir-
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and epidermis, while from the parts there exuded an abundant
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tion in form according to the position of the limb and the


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