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outer horn has been cut away, by scraping with the curved
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however, could recall a case which failed to recover, save a few
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is to exclude what is forbidden and what may be deleterious to
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Arpad found that glanders bacteria were agglutinated with
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considerably increased if, instead of resorting to the brushing
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siderable power in lowering the temperature and thus benefiting the
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vice, and qualified persons are therefore urged to enter the ex-
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he planted. His infirmary is built with a special eye to sanita-
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presence of a tumor above the navel, in the median line. This tumor
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something aside from the general forms of skin disease met
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at any rate, is due to the fact that prior to the commencement of
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and mechanical gymnastics, and massage, should be considered in one
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introduced into the discussions on the pseudo-diphtheria bacillus by the
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one hand, and prognosis, prevention and treatment on the other.
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Carefully dissect the hippocampus away from the floor of
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Ottawa, on Monday, February 4th, 1907, at 8.30 p. m.
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American methods of obstetric teaching. Dr. Robe, of Baltimore,^
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in their early stages and apply the appropriate treatment when
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swollen and red simultaneously, and there is often an eruption of vesi-
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Cedar Rapids, Neb., needs a good graduate veterinarian.
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made to the rule of the Health Department to keep cases of diphtheria
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local reaction, on injection, and it gives a sensation of increase of strength.
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that of diphtheria, under the microscope. In 191 1 I was able to
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subjects have already occupied the attention of other writers.
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in addition, must be somewhat bruised or otherwise provided
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sociation. We noticed the following members of that thrifty
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Thin slice baked bread or dinner toast. Half a dozen oysters
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Psychoses directly due to febrile puerperal processes (infection-psychoses).
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the vessels, especially in the middle coat of the smaller arteries,
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