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of the stone a too energetic effort at separation may cause inversion of the
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firmed by him, also treatment, and I was again requested to take
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(/)) Partial resection of stomach for carcinoma. W. N.. a
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some five hundred different writers on ophthalmology, mentioned in
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could do justice to it. I think he has done it. His work will
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A letter which the President had received from Dr. B. T.
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Von Frey ( Wiener klin. Wochenschr., 1894, No. 3) in an interesting article
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three inches in diameter. It was about an inch and a half thick, and
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pears, designating its class, the workers to do it and how it
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40 per cent, later developed diphtheria. The bacilli were found in less
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mals. As but an open board partition separated this troop from
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The animal has either a watery purge or a constant expulsion
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the mallein injection is made aseptically, this swelling never
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absence of bile, but to the resorption of biliary pigment and its elimination
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detailing the very thorough inspection of meats and meat food
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indeed, is the author accurate in terms which are presumably intended
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promptly reported positive reactions in the glandered animals
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are absorbed into the system largely through the digestive tract.
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The areas of this partially diseased stroma become more frequent
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consist of a most pronounced condition of ataxia, all finer co-ordination
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Park states, as the result of the very large experience accumulated by
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January 23, 1893, gastrostomy was performed, strictly following Witzel's
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attention to the advantages of the obstetric courses in Dublin, Prague,
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College, was called next, and in a pleasant and entertaining
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Daniel Elmer Salmon in behalf of his government, veterinary
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of meat of a calf under four weeks of age, for the purpose of
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though no candidate was named by those who made the plea, nor
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Mr. George Foy has made a clinical study of this substance, which
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from the mucous membrane, 5 to 6 slides used in each instance.
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especially in the cavalry and artillery, considered from the
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is not something that can be taken up for a while and then abandoned —
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so that no possible chemical reaction should take place between them.
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leading to the future advancement of mankind must be unlocked.


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