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zation is probably due to hypersemia of the cerebral membranes ; that occur-

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atic, with a view to correcting by proper spectacles any error of refraction

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The operation does not exceed half an hour, and no blood is lost. All the

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ton ; Richard P. Lyman, Hartford ; R. D. Martin and F. W.

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dinary forms of cutaneous eruptions, and seemed to suggest

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of them — some of the best among them — could not be examined a second

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the packing interests of the Union Stock Yards in Chicago had

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tion takes place, and the other is the caecum or stomach of the lower

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throw away the first portion of the filtrate ; return the following portions

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devoted himself to the specialty of canine medicine, and has

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temperature suddenly rose and pneumonia developed. He died on

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tion — the animal throwing itself regardless of danger.

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trachea and bronchi with special apparatus devised for the

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gard and tail depressed. He is indifferent to his surroundings.

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is the only reliable measure in order to quickly and totally eradicate the

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Hughes {Sur une Forme de Filvre frequente sur les Cotes de la Mediierranie ;

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Mr. Marshall's book does not present psychology in any of its relations

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glanders infection, after having reached the maximum sinks

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into practice but took up meat inspection soon afler gradu-

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Without the Bacillus tuberculosis the disease cannot be con-

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case of this series with a grayish-white deposit on the tonsils, Abbott

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dropsical condition dependent on organic heart disease, such is not the

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free access to the operative field. The rod which holds the

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the need, as in America, of large quantities of graduate veteri-


sent no sign of ulceration. The Peyer's patches just above the ileo-coecal

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effects of small doses of a fresh culture of the virulent bacillus. This

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and 2 cm. in its various diameters, rather soft in consistence, covered


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