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Finding the Negri Bodies. — These are most easily found in
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except temporary fever, dyspnoea, and arthritis, which disap-
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product was not a stable one, and the indications were that high
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ture media had become contaminated or were too dry, the cases were
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after a correct diagnosis was made a closer examination proved
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ing, retching and breathing spasmodically. The horse is taken
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time. The rash was general except on the face, and indistinguishable from
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within the bowel causing a contraction of the bowel above and
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the intoxication. These are explained by the accumulation of poisons in
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able to obtain a serum which would have an antituberculous
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bacilli (or those that might penetrate by the digestive or the
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wards reviewed by a new set of examiners, before the final
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tion of corned beef, except that the corned beef is minutely
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also some membrane or exudate present on the tonsils or pharynx. In the
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work at all — that the position which he has accepted is that of
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pain externally over the right hip joint and the internal anterior surface
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Dr. Wm. H. Wray, London, England, was placed upon the
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quent defecation in small amounts. These symptoms gradual-
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continued up to the time of operation, being most severe during the
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vomiting appeared, following the cessation of menstruation. In the third
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which indicates infection. If the animal is very young and the
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clusion the chair recognized Dr. Geo. H. Berns, who commend-
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might be due to any lesion of the suprarenal capsules, such as cancer.
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collaboration of Borrel, Salimbeni and Dujardin Baumetz, dis-
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moles varied from one-half to three kilos, and their diameter from eight to
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appreciative hearing of his paper. His paper was to appear
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quently produces cicatricial keloids. The pustules developed by grattage
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be thoroughly emptied the day lief<ire the first examination is made ;
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examined by Dr Hope Fowler, the patients being examined imme-
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tered pale gray points in the capsule. The notch is well marked. On
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»o6 ; F. Iv. Foster, '06 ; E. W. Little, '06 ; W. Nelligan, '06 ;
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number of cases of rabies implied by these statistics. Pasteur says that


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