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movements of resistance. The following rules guide the practice of gym-

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America is placed in when compared with those of Europe —

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eral pads, so as to obtain the crushing upon a longer surface of

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showing that leprosy is contagious ; and Mr. Macnamara has published

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containing nucleins in the food ('' hsematogen") into nsemoglobin as ex-

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made a very satisfactory recovery, and at the end of six weeks was

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mortality of 78, or 26 per cent. The earlier work of MM. Roux and Yersin

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In a table opposite page 128 he gives a chronological survey of the

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others who had frequent opportunities of oj>ening the aMomcn, Mr

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The following applications for membership were favorably

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these substances, which can be demonstrated with the ordinary

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may tend to overcome some physiological disturbance in the ac-

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ever we can succeed both in making the facts on which our creed is

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scarcely a page but what contains some new fact or an old fact presented

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utricle, and the three membranous semicircular canals : to this

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for its regeneration should be at hand, but, to repeat what is universally

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of the lamented Edmond Nocard by the veterinarians of the

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tubes must be singed before they are taken out, and before they are replaced ; 4, if the nutrient

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extended down to the navel, made so much pressure upon the aorta

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made through this hill, the cut end of the tunnel will Ix? seen, and

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forthcoming," he admits, " a priori, the possibility of an occasional acci-

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sub-pial hemorrhages, staining of the lungs, liver, and kidneys, and swelling

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than an inch, whereas had we cut from lower ends of same car-

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days, 9 days, 11 days, and 14 days. One guinea-pig survived after ex-

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some this bleeding was severe enough to produce syncope. The size of the

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sist even natural infection — but this immunity is short and

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Many of the members took their families with them. Those

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sides, an experience of many years. Scientific man, superior

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been exceptional in the large proportion of cases of true diphtheria com-

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there are numerous peculiar crystalline masses. They are of an orange

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and once in the course of a subacute follicular entero-colitis in a girl of ten

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is a prescription needed for cavertals

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seems to have taken special pains to simplify the more complex and


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