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of the sun was the chief cause. It has been demonstrated in
cannabidiol oil capsules
to order and reading of papers resumed. Dr. C. G. Glendinning,
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with which the measure was pushed through or of the speed
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dom of the city from diphtheria at the time. Booker describes with much
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as he appears in Table I., and which is 0.059, with the average vital in-
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cured of an attack of experimental tuberculosis, man may also,
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time enough to see how the case will respond to treatment.
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the early stages of Bright's disease, chloral, owing to its eflFect on the blood-
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surgery, the book is neatly illustrated by 34 plates and treats
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374 ; literary program overflowing ; clinic best in our history ;
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by the autopsy. The pleural fluid and other fluids and tissues of the body
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ing in veterinary practice the place it is called to occupy.
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transverse meso-colon to the first coil of jejunum, and to the
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other specimens of blood from horses affected with glanders
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for Wisconsin, Porto Rico, Rhode Island, Michigan, Maryland,
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teen-hundred pound draft horse partly pulled a hind shoe and
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operations its proper place in the treatment of cancerous stenosis. If
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tions to the annual program, and this year after appealing re-
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degeneration of the kidneys. Phosphaturia and essential polyuria seem to
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excellent text-book on Materia Medica up to date. The fact
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patients are especially refractory. At times, when the concentration exceeds


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