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Tuke and Wood head ^ believe that in puerperal insanity a considerable
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In many cases, however, progress of organic disease, although pre-
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collection back to the Park and rearranged them for the State
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:rved the right to pass upon old abattoirs before the inspection
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Bruce, M.D., M.R.C.P., Assistant-Professor of Physiology,
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the diphtheria bacillus except by absence of virulence, which was tested
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well liked; going to Europe. Address, "Practitioner." care of American
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and inoculated to cattle and gave rise to the development of the
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aopoeial hydrastinine hydrochlorate (p. 205) should have been followed by
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tify the heavy expenditures incurred , therefore, be it
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business representative, as well as the scientific representative,
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has scarcely had a sick horse. He says he does not wait for
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majority. Lieutenant-colonels are selected by the Secretary of
compazine side effects dystonia
of the IvCgislature to amend the state veterinary law, but to en-
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and anthropology but also as regards the present foot-ball question, the
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of this state of the stools is usually accompanied by disappearance
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accompanying measles. Loeffler bacilli were present. The child re-
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ment of many of the neurasthenics has led me, within the past two
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periods, confirm the former statement as to the benign nature of
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reply, after getting a hurried history and watching the patient
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If it is further ordered that calves receive numbered ear-
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The proximal third of the tube : Sections through this portion of the tube
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Under the application of this lotion the nodules grew appreciably smaller.
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treated in the five days it lasted : (i) of the central and depart-
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other words we may exhibit how the rules and regulations re-
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being ii8 cuts, well depicting the descriptions, those upon the
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based on the law. With so much business despatch can vet-
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tion of cases admitted to the diphtheria wards of hospitals, in which
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1 Dolfiris : " I'Enseignement de la Gynecologie en France," Nouvelles Archives d'Obstetrique
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tinguish between them, and even to recognize in them two other classes,


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