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taste, color, smell and firmness. In mess pork barrels he should
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it appears to possess a local action in the digestive canal when given in pill-
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and medicine, followed by Drs. R. G. Walker, W. J. Martin, N.
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I. The Mallein Test for Glanders, — This is not unlike the
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will continue to supply experimental treatments of poslam free
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Pathological Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry, is in
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When very faint traces are present the opalescence produced, being distrib-
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logical laboratory of the N. Y. State Veterinary College for
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qualifications. He understood that Brisson told several people
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could not be effectively applied with the patient standing. On
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the effect that Lou Dillon, the trotting queen, will soon bear
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in fact almost do not exist. He then presented to the society the
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Mcdico-Chinirgical Society and the Obstetrical S<Kiety, which
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volume. Their relations and indications, their comparative value, are
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occasional occurrence of great efforts will be wholly avoided. If the
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spots and papules, at first at the inner corners of the eyes, corners of the
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does this exist without symptoms ! How frequently an accidental exam-
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quickly as possible to the highest virus, then go back three
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the end of the latter month she seemed to be cured and was
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rotation of head occurred, the child being born in the original position with-
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he temporize as long as possible ? Why did the surgeon, too, hesitate to
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the advantages and disadvantages of pasteurization of milk.
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and is going before the Senate in a day or two. We have no
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vagina. The suprarenal bodies were decidedly enlarged, the left much more
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surplus ; but if its editors were paid commensurate salaries, if
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Case III.' — H. S., a boy, aged four years, with impassable cicatricial
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degree of ileal stasis that is met with, and as to the existence of an
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can be avoided the narrow, twisted, often impermeable stricture which
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Lowe and daughter, Passaic ; Dr. and Mrs. William Herbert
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ing or from July ist to October 4th the tracheotomy tube was
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York it was interesting to note two types of epidemics, one essentially of
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with the mother. Delivery, even of the most favorable kind, provides a
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oliguria. Rectal injections of hydrogen sulphide are highly beneficial.
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changes have been already referred to by previous authors as
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cases with attendant high elevation of temperature, symptoms
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copy of this paper, and our readers will have the pleasure of
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This is of no great importance, as will be seen later on. At


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