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required to have a total colectomy j>erfornied. owing to regurgita-

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3. If ovulation have occurred, it may generally be referred back to the

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bowel, as in two of the plates just thrown on tlie screen, in which his

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Department will be through the examination provided by the

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patient, that it was difficult to estimate aright a record of cases given

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aureus and albus. Microscopical examination of the cortex showed

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The first had loo c.c, the second only lo c.c. Swelling and

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this Association on account of his name being John McDonald.

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in swallowing. The patient speaks well with an artificial larynx.

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The proportions are, in the first year, 13.9 per cent, of recoveries by intuba-

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nal sum if that be legal. If these can safely hide under cover

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months, and a little pus escaped, but it had gotten very hard at

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height, weight, lung-capacity, and "total strength" of each individual

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tissues. Obviously he had been getting weaker gradually. I'ut he

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there has never been and is not now any actual ansesthesia, either of

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exophthalmic goitre there was no pigmentation. (Dr Bruce re-

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again to boiling, and keep the fluid as near this temperature as possible without

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cases, therefore, the clinical diagnosis is diphtheria, such as the statistics

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left iliac fossa ; the peritoneum was divided on the outer edge, and

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Georges Hayem, Professeur de Clinique Medicale a la Faculty de M6de-

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I began the operation also with the intention not to cut the muscles.

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a large mass occupying the greater part of the right hypochondriac and

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lency, had, when compared with witnesses, produced very no-

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psychical personality ; with varying but severe disturbances of the

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according to statistics, varies very much. While Wagener finds

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are employed, and where medicinal preparations are used incon-

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5 years up 10 20 years, quarters, feed for two horses, commis-

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in obstinate cases. Used in this way it rarely disappoints. Prescribed

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to 20th, preventing my going to the Presidio of Monterey at that

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ican veterinarians and students Drs. Peters and Sturdevant are

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