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that the purity of our milk supply to our cities has been at all
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the improvement is generally transient. Division of fixed membranous
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was obtained. Cultures from the pus in and about the kidney contained
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Dr. Ortega has noted in the epidemic of smallpox which occurred in
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In regard to muscular asthenopia, under which heading are con-
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taining dry salt or canned meats, both the inspector and packer
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A first vaccinated animal, killed July 6, 1906, was tubercu-
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septics. I always use a goodly amount of olive oil and carbolic
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Class IV. can also be protected from the operation of the law.
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of well-executed drawings made from subjects in the college
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yet been discovered, there is no necessary tendency to extinction of the
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and sling while standing outside of table six or eight feet, one
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and spinal column ; extreme emaciation ; aphony; laryngoscope reveals
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solar concussion from being transmitted beyond the point of
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Allemande," Le Progris Medical, 1888, 1889, viii. ix.
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the Association. On the first ballot Dalrymple received 2>7r
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house ; R. E. Nesbitt, Lincoln ; D. E. Kinsella, Chillicothe ;
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Diagnosis, then, consists in the ability to exercise our judgment
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of Voute's paper, American Journal of the Medical Sciences, July,
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causes rise in temperature by preventing waste of bodily heat.
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Dr, Labrosse stated that he had not met " Professor " Bris-
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occur to the reader that this so rapidly acquired strength was but a tem-
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Another printed form is to be filled out for later cultures.
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toneum was infected from a chronic fibroid tubercular salpingitis, giving
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they yield up nearly all their chlorine to printed and about 30 per cent, to
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surroundings, etc. Often, however, too much weight is placed
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a circumstance of some weight in its relation to the subject of " vital
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ural position as possible, and there tied. The dislocated verte-
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and their effects is necessary. The veterinarian may be a con-
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most part, done in a gymnasium ; certain games for children are played
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disease ; it has been of such evident and great use to patients in whom
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