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anti-acids and antiseptics to the intestines, though they are
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would be to remove the spinal cord of the supposed rabid dog, and to
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prevent absor|)tion to some extent, while intravenous injection is
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a written one, consisting of the redaction upon a subject relat-
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tested thoroughly as to their virulence and their morphological and
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detail the morphological and biological characters of the streptococci
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intense form of exudative inflammation in which peculiar conditions of
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ated or set in motion numerous other investigations. He was
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Solution (a) was injected deeply over plantar nerve. Anaes-
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a possible source of tuberculous disease, but this does not seem to be by any
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murmur. The patient, however, did not complain of any symptoms of
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vegetations of a light-red color. The rest of the valve is unchanged and
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tracts is recognized as a potent factor in accounting for the inclusion of
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in the external meatus, nystagmus is produced to the affected side
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raised off his feet and the hopple chain tightened, as previously
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AuDther strong argument against the luxation theory is the
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same inspection as sheep, but under the Pure Food law their
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that he had graduated at some American college, but he was
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surface, and the one in the left kidney involves fully one-sixth of the
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of cases of true diphtheria. The examinations were made in February
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have an unusually long colon ; but other deviations from the normal,
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ous studies than when at College, and upon which, after passing
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ovaries, are also important factors. Retention of blood within the uterine
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publication of important parts of the transactions — original
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able meats for consumption in the cities and towns. The new
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Upon assembling in the evening, with the members and
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punctiform, exactly resembling that of a mild case of scarlet fever. Similar
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prophylaxis are very clear. A suppurating cavity, be it large or be it
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was opened. In the first three cases the condition was impossible to
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ment by one Dr. Enos Sanders. This marked the beginning
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the Department of Agriculture, to take effect the day he gets
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of a congested area in the caecum around the point of entrance
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able primarily to childbirth. " However, the violent delirious mania


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