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business. Last autumn the newspapers drew attention to the

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As is well known, there is much difference of opinion among physicians

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been chosen for an exposition of slovenly composition, which is to be

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that he had received a degree of veterinary surgeon from a col-

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Although small granules are present in their protoplasm, their secre-

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ological findings, their opinions with reference to the etiology and

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conditions. In abnormal transitory presence of these bacteria

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unlicensed man maintains a separate office in the name of a

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In the meshes of the columnse carnse of the left auricle and ventricle

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— a procedure that the author believes is "risky " (!). In Chapter IV.,

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pathological changes present are either a thickening of the surface of

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dex of the fifty cadets, which is 0.066, and that of the oarsmen, which is

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N-estibular nerve paralysed, nyst,Tgmus cannot be induced by sj-ring-

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roborate what had been observed by Witzel, Mikulicz, and myself He

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toastmaster. The entire evening was one of pleasure and one

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the sinuses and of the internal jugulars was discovered.

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during the period of florescence, could, with greater reason, be attributed

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scala tymp.ini Iwlow, which Ix-gins at the round window ; and (3)

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meeting, changing the Constitution so that hereafter all officers

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what they are and the standards for several of them. This im-

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cific virus. That toxines have formed at these particular points

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canned foods, pickles, sauces, spices, caviare and rich gravies,

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twenty-four hours in the hospital, there remain 45 cases with 11 deaths, or

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fidence, but I have never seen harm result from allowing patients

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the details possible of the proposed veterinary school to be

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at night have red lanterns attached to their houses.

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the endometrium was always absent, its place being occupied by a layer of

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indispensable REVIEW." — (Geo. W, Turner^ Vet, U. S, Army^

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washed. This outbreak could have been avoided if the proper

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gradually more pronounced. Has no pain, and runs about and plays

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XX. — Demonstration of special anaesthetic cone by Dr. J. A.

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iar with every item in the methods of wrapping, crating, boxing

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the left cord as large as a man's head, and nearly touching the

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Dr. Roberts says : " Abortion is due to a germ, and therefore

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but each student actually to carry on the labors and their subsequent


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