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the operation the patient became unmanageable, tearing and displacing
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tion are very frequently seen. Caseation becomes more marked as the
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The State I^egislature will be asked for an appropriation only
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falciform process the sac may now be seen ; if, however, it has passed beneath
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fore the period of incubation has elapsed. This method consists
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pints of milk and one of broth or beef-tea in the twenty-four hours, to
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will not warrant this service to the patient ; again, and by no
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into the peritoneal cavity of guinea-pigs. In seven cases the animals died of
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100 per cent., any method of treatment that yields even a ray of hope
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condition. We cannot determine certainly in any case whether tuber-
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The author's experience has led him to answer the first two queries in the
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tice, through veterinary journals or in veterinary societies. We
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whose heart presented incompetent and thickened aortic valves, with hyper-
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ably fixed at a normal height. In this case it seemed as though the adhe-
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breaks too early. In view of the above facts the author thinks that often it
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ofi&cers to jog the memories of willing but neglectful members
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tion, under the impression that it is unethical and partaking
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ity since the acquisition of the insular possessions, and this is
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deliver his own milk to the consumer. Now, this milk may
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bladder fistula is not a dangerous operation. In all of the cases a cure has
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in better health than she had been for a very long time. One day
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original German work has seen two editions already and we are
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by different investigators that the value of the operation for the removal of
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Wee One Bottle, |i.oo. Case of One Dozen Bottles, $8.00. Sold by all Reliable DruggisUi
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tee and its results, and a motion was subsequently brought for-
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side and neck three days previously, which some of the local
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error appears twice in the book. We notice also that although the
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in the name of and for his employer. If this is a violation of
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It will be noticed in. Table I., by the names of the teams there
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concerned, took the disease, and he got milk from the same dairj'.
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spleen were several filaments or long shreds, somewhat similar to the
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in attendance on diphtheria patients, and a brush used in sweeping the
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