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body. Under these conditions it is not strange that there are

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still others which had only been exposed to the infection and

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lation, the agglutinating power increasing during the following

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raising upon the toes of the hind feet when the bowels are

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forms of nitrogenous diet, but also with albumin and sugar, representing

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Killip Veterinary College Alumni Association^ published by the

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up to date. He upholds the usual trustworthiness of Weber's and

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of fever hospitals whom he had consulted, no less than 16 disl>elieved

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supervision of meats and meat products so far as to keep its eye

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Glanders and farcy are mentioned in the writings of various-

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He was born at Wolverhampton, October 20, 1838, his father

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by any fault coming in contact with the contents, especially if

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wholly irrational that any young man who means to be a phy-

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encouragement they will in all probability increase their effi-

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suspended by the mesentery from the lumbar region, it assumes

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when growth was complete, as suggested by Gray and Anderson of

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mylan levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol reviews

infected from the distal two-thirds of the right tube is beyond doubt,

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Discussion was liberal, and quite diverse in opinion, many

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reading of text-books, and the method of recitations. The student

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as I do not think the addition of alcohol in the tincture makes any

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selves throughout the body. Owing to this insufficient distribution of

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putting the owner to the expense of much stable care.

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In treating the navel the desire is to obtain healing without infection.

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dicted would follow the publication of this work a year ago so

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It was generally observed that horses anaesthetized with

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an area of tenderness on pressure in the right ihac region, the stools

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toms in the most speedily fatal cases are often accompanied by the most

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association with lepers, and many other phenomena connected with

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and known by a variety of names, history teaches that, since Moses wrote

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grease, nor to become complicated with elephantiasis. The

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Dr. W. E. McGarth, professor of meat inspection at Mc-

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in a female, where palpitation, dyspnoea, prsecordial pain, rapid pulse,

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secretions. The auto-intoxications which extend from the in-

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Result. — Patient remained much in statu quo until 1st April 1907,

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extravasation, but in no way prevents the formation of a most intractable

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rians and intelligent horsemen for a long time, and which is a


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