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vomitoria Linn.) and the blue bottle fly (lucilia csesar Linn.)

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be performed so as to suspend the penis in a natural position. I

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test they may be judged. But it is equally foolish to blind our

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of the fingers, consisting of subcutaneous nodules, the skin over

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bid absolutely certain sports, such as foot-ball, rowing races, tennis con-

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When we turn our attention to the subject of tetanus we find the

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over the end, and closed with Lembert sutures. When the peritoneum has

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so frequently interrogated concerning the animal industry of the

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fifth place, the chief protection given under the old law was to

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the present trouble she had always been healthy, except when at four-

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in size was very great. He had, however, recently become jaundiced,

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years ago. There are some spots (telangiectases), small in size, on

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must provide the means for sending the other with the latest arrival on

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isted there, I had him take a thin layer off the frog, which

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pony had strangles and on various occasions abscesses had to be

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tion is favorable. — Bulletin de I'Academie Roy ale de Medecine de Belgique,

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albus, the gonococcus, and the colon bacillus. He holds that it is also

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after each meal, to be taken with a glass of milk, the quantity to be

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attacks, although a number of minor attacks of weakness in the arms had

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gested by the authors that certain of the structural changes may be the result

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In several numbers of our esteemed contemporary, La

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was quite as innocent of indication as to its contents as was the

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beginning with the Buffalo meeting in 1896, until the present

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Beginning at the age of 2 years to do service in the stud, he was

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states and even foreign countries. It has developed into its

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but also an enlarged and improved one that Dr. Williams has

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•• ♦♦ •* " '« ♦' ♦' ♦♦ " Fig. 6 1404

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gaged in the duty of aiding in the preservation of health of

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Dr. Monsarrat, of Hawaii, who was so cordial in his invi-

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It was further found that the addition of uric acid diminishes the bactericidal

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the intestinal tract ; the same holds good for carcinoma oesophagi.

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and dense fibrous tissue ; the muscular coat is atrophied and the

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valve to be competent once more. Again, sometimes, a murmur which

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way we can tell is by inoculation, and it is our duty to always


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