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The inspector is charged not only with the prevention, in
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proved that it was necessary to have a polyvalent serum — that
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membrane edge, a large miliary tubercle is seen, surrounded by numerous
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product ; then he is accountable for the quality of the milk he
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are given to the teaching of surgery, for example. Gynecology and
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man? Take a concrete example well known to us. A thrifty
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rubber balloon (the Von Hacker-Scheimpflug canula).^ All my patients
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not enforce the payment of a fee. If hiding under cover of an
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W. J. McKinney, Brooklyn ; J. W. Turner, Lyons ; J. L.
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is not susceptible to receive an application in relation to practi-
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for Jacksoniax epilepsy. At the time of operation the patient
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Complete obliteration of the lumen by the cancer, whether
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Buffalo, and all may be assured of a very pleasant and profitable
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local condition was healed, but the albuminuria persisted. A week later
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of different observers. It is interesting to note that a committee
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About Christmas 1912 lost his appetite and was troubled with
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Barrington ; R. J. Marshall, Williamstown ; W. J. Meloche,
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sponding to that present in the blood after the administration of large doses
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Colon Stasis. — Mrs G., aged 34, was sent to me by Dr Veitch of
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portance of which will be realised when it is understood that only
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representatives of the live stock interests gave vent to a specious
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minutes ; if no reaction by separating suboxide of copper, it shows the sugar to
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the diagnosis is established. Regarding the puerperal period in such cases,
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tuberculization as well as at an advanced period, and it is independent of
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cellulose-capsule. So-called prepared foods have the advantage of requiring
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tions concerning the Chicago meat industry might well be
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muscles. Then the patient complains of a heavy, annoying pressure in
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days at the outset the diet was restricted to skim-milk and chicken-
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therefore be used in cases where a questionable clinical diagnosis
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physician who knows of and uses the means not to be found in the Phar-
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tion. Adrenahn had been given at short intervals of three or four
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a marked excretion of bile. As regards calomel, it has no influence upon
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during the catarrhal stage. In chicken-pox infection is in the crusts,
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When the section is about to take place, all the teeth of the
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solid immunity could be granted to horses by the injections of
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in slings, where he remained for one month, after which he
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One would not like to say very much with regard to the paper
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diphtheria. In several instances it was found in healthy throats.
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and a similar effect on the large brownish pigmentations peculiar to the
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a better bactericide and less irritant than the solution of cyanide of mercury.
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tion of these cases from this standpoint. Were they content to
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thing, and last year when another man was made a veterinary
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been exposed to the infection for one or two days only, when
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face presented fibrillary twitching, particularly upon the left side. The ap-
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Park (partly in co-operation with Beebe) under the Division of Path-
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If it is a youngster, running on pasture, I have him taken off of


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