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away the existing evils : it only accounts for. them.
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have an unusually long colon ; but other deviations from the normal,
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of Anglo-Saxon and Germanic types of men, exhibiting to a large extent
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In a number of cases of rheumatoid arthritis in which the
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through the proximal and middle thirds of the tube show chronic fibroid
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cavity, but was unsuccessful. However, it seemed that this
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of times the test has failed to show any filth bacteria. He now
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stall, and when the owner appeared upon the scene the next
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more clearly and succinctly stated than in this book (p. 793).
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ment. It was said, and I have no reasons to doubt the truth of
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letters, asked Dr. Sweetapple to take action immediately and
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If stricture is present gradual dilatation is employed until the calibre is
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causing tetanic infection, resulting in the death of the animal.
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what is levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol used for
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ing solitude and isolation in out-of-the-way places or retiring
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does not use barium chloride, but has a special hypodermic tab-
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perature, 37.8° C. ; respirations, 44. After the rigor, pains set in and the tem-
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grasped with a volsella and drawn downward as far as possible, and the
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tional Nervous Diseases. By Landon Carter Gray, M.D 377
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line immediately posterior to the diaphragm and liver and above
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calls and perform the functions of a veterinarian without im-
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which he thinks is most favorable when the bird is about eigh-
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made on the devotees of base-ball, cricket, lawn-tennis, boating, or any
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2 Fisher : N. Y. Medical Journal, Feb. 13, 1892, vol. Iv. p. 186.
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numerous illustrations, the plans of several of the abattoirs of
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and forced to extreme exertion has given rise to many varied
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N. B. — A/embers are requested to communicate with the Secretaries if they discover
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There are, however, a number of cases on record, which have
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Prof. Caird. The extraordinary thing to him was that in those cases
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Sugar, 0.05 per cent 1 Uric acid, above normal ... I
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The symptoms observed in these cases have been very great frequency of
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Avon ; J. F. Gillispie, Tuscola ; Carl H. Yoder, Watseca ; J. R.
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and a medulla. In the higher mammals the medulla lies in the
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says, the blood and the bog, so-called, may be simply a variety
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is not rabies. Two little children were sacrificed just over the
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he admitted to the use of iinline. which, if the surgeons were right,
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the use of combined methods and a thorough working knowl-


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