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dymar canal. The white matter of the cord seems macroscopi-

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give small doses of aconite and belladonna, or an ounce of nitrate

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106. Opened and proceeded as before. Fourth day colt died.

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about 1 to 30.5, varying to 1 to 0.35 or even 1 to 0.38, the mean being

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sugar, urea, the phosphates, uric acid, calcium oxalate, casts, and indi-

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prejudices or theory of the causation of the difficulty. We have

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itors from various towns on Long Island and New Jersey.

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many. — Berlin^ Oct. 24.. — The Statistical Correspondence Mag-

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another of from 10 to 20 c c. was given, and this usually suflBced to complete

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In the experiments with cattle and hogs subcutaneous in-

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the responsible position of Chief of the Bureau of Animal In-

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sterile tubes with an equal volume of a culture of Bacterium

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measles rather than scarlet fever, and sometimes very closely. Whether

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cardiac affections, severe anaemia, hysteria, and alcoholism. It is employed

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ar)', Edinburgh ; .Aural .Surgeon, Leith Hospital ; Lecturer on

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nearer another, which is fixed on the female branch of the in-

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* Wll be found in " Original Articles" department, this month.

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172) reports two cases that aptly illustrate the multiformity of the complica-

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act remove him to a roomy paddock, he will trot about, neigh-

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toward the end of treatment. The temperature at the beginning is 95° F.,

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On motion a vote of thanks was extended to the manage-

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cito recommends bisulphide of carbon as the best remedy. K.

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toxaemia, e.g. foul tongue and breath, sallow skin, loss of weight,

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of ditluse sclerodermia 5 were stone-masons and i was a copper-

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probe of Lucas," the oval opening is on an axis (at right angles) with

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scopical examination, seem to be similar in structure, and form together a

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Farm, where the veterinarians will be entertained by a horse

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The horse could stand on the injured leg and rest the other.

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The number for September while carrying the name of our

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ants in the middle of the abdominal wound. These slings are left in


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