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This was in the fall of 1901. When first hitched up by the
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A few words on antituberculous serotherapy before closing.
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" More money is being made in the veterinary business now
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quite sure that he agreed with Dr Ker, but it was with great hesita-
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length, is constantly being added day by day. It includes such drugs
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At the meeting which resulted. Mr. Flavelle was present, as also
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as previously suggested, it seems reasonable to think that impac-
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registration would then become a mere matter of subsequent detail.
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is imperative ; if not, rest in bed, hot packs, counter-irritation, iodine,
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in the middle third of the neck, and apparently in the oesopha-
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from the liver region downward and toward the median line, filling the
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sequent events, the result will justify the view that the various
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mobiles, the horse is far from being killed off and the race from
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clusions of Prof. Koch before the London Congress were wholly
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normal condition. In the centre of this there is a small open-
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William Brendon T. Gubbin, M.D., CM., Bardolph, Hertford,
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ment. The inspector must follow sedulously the products in
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swallow the stories of his companion, and still was too much of
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associations, etc. Again, such help is needed in making thr Ix-st
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In the fourteen non-tubercular cases indicanuria existed in 40 per cent.,
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has proven itself, as is instanced in candidature for Chiefshipof
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a series of observations on the relations of temperature during the first week
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An excellent college bulletin is the Journal of the Mc-
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Case No. i. — This animal was a worn-out horse which was
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ing of the glands of the neck, was taken in turn with an extensive pseudo-
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disappeared slowly. A month later an X-ray photograph was taken,
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our army veterinarians that intend taking this course to ask
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a half years of faithful service by Dr. D. E. Salmon as Chief of
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show the disease occasionally infiltrating the endometrium as a single
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cine or surgery unless he has the scientific knowledge which it
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known, exists only in the bodies of certain human beings. It is not
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a tubercle was found in the prescapular lymphatic gland. In
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Symptoms. — The udder is small and soft ; attempts at milk-
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tion of a new operation (at least new for this edition), that for
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I am not certain whether this was true dilatation or simply an apparent
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regarded with equal abhorrence ; notwithstanding that it was once almost


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