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must be a citizen of the United States, unmarried, between 21

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amenable to treatment and have resulted in perfect cure.

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horses were affected and showed symptoms of cerebro-spinal

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own prescription will be as willingly substituted, or any desired

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If, as seems proved beyond controversy, the bacillus of leprosy, let it

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from the economy, and thus afford sensible relief. Hoff'man's anodyne

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tion of animals and carcasses was admirable as far as it went.

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I had omitted to say that Dr. Clayton saw this patient with

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age. The original of Fig. 2, taken four years ago, himself the son of a

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i« Journ. Lepr. Invest. Com.. No. I. " Journ. Lepr. Invest. Com., No. I.

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the more fit, or whether, the reverse being the case, we are still on

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tumor was pressing upon the right lobe. It measured five

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way to dress it, and we are especially warned against socks and bare

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In encysted collections puncture is useful as a method of exploration, and

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be accepted as in the interests of the service, and as a palliation

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of three years' duration. The small joints of the hands, also the

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tice of selling stray dogs, gathered from all quarters of the city,

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were tuberculous : it means that the practical result of the Beh-

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Melvin, as Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry, is a strik-

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the horse, with a lateral luxation of the patella which may be

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'' Dairying, outside of Manila, is practically not engaged in,

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a long laceration of the rectum, through which the expulsion

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ol to.xjemia in the sense of Lane, and cases of sub-infection in the

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XX. — Demonstration of special anaesthetic cone by Dr. J. A.

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of English and American and most of the German observers. The appear-

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the good and characteristic qualities, mental and physical, of their blue-

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to be established about the older ones and in extension of the field of

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with iodoform gauze. A separate piece of gauze was pushed firmly

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gland draining them at the root of the mesentery was involved.


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