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cannot be as easily recognized as in the loose subcutaneous tis-
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when the disease has lasted for some time. In these particulars, there-
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Industry, not otherwise eligible, who have acquired a permanent
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bring a great price, and some of them are worthless." " I sup-
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scientific importance and wide significance of these discoveries cannot be
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generic drug for glyburide
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it highly. A few drops of the blood were thoroughly shaken with about 10
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Distension of the Folded Colon with Food. — In attempting to
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that the discussion culminated in the appointment of Dr. A. C.
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ing do, and are found in lymphatic glands, these experiment-
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face of the tonsil. In other forms minute or larger ulcerations exist.
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Dr. D. Arthur Hughes, Veterinary Inspector to the Com-
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sling can be quickly placed on the animal's body and hooked to
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dent on February i. In brief, it provides for the appointment
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duced tuberculosis in guinea pigs by inoculating them with spermatic
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This was augmented by a recital of a case of intussusception
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tent they were liable to return. Up to December 3 everything
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A Powerful Salve. — A man in Nebraska has invented a
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Crescent ; WiUiam Hope Fowler, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.Ed., 21
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winter which had stiff necks and it hurt them when you would


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