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Take hold of the sheath with the left hand, and with the right

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where he will maintain a stable of high-class horses, which will

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the report requested Aug. i, 1906, of experiences made here, in

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have been letl to share the view as to its infective origin, the source

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the natural infection, and see in the secondary lesions microbes

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The method used in staining was that of Gabbets. After

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wrist. A tumor was suspected and the owner advised to have

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who aided for the very satisfactory provisions made for the

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as the anaesthetist will long be remembered by those w^ho rec-

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incidence of the symptoms in this dyspeptic group may l>e taken

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An occasional grammatical error or misspelled word has escaped the

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that, say, a Uttle boy attending school took one or other of these

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and a dressing are applied around the abdominal cavity. The

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died in a short time. Two of them lingered along for two weeks

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matter connected with the prevention of disease is worthy of full discus-

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situated on and closely attached to the middle of the roof of the

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animals and meats, except those for sale by retail dealers or

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as at first, obliquely. Still, it worked to perfection. I did not experience

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one. The child was seven months old, and the lesions found were advanced

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precedence, while pathological surgery and the great domain of internal

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solidated only by ligamentous bands. There must have been

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the bacillus diphtherise as compared with its coincident growth with

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that this opinion is based upon correct reasoning and chemical procedure. —

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ed by the prompt treatment administered. The obstinate general

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months ago as a small, dusky, rose-colored discoloration of the skin. As

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the relation was about 1 to 0.30 or 1 to 0.40, whilst Lecanu (this is

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fore and hind limbs, though not completely paralyzed, showed

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none other than Dr. Liautard himself, who founded the first

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fixed to the abdominal wall. The ihuxienal ulcer was then care-

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method we were able to tell if the culture is reliable by observ-


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