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seem to stimulate the leucocytes to invade the epithelial layer of the intestinal
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a day, and corrosive sublimate, gr. i, three times a day. These drugs
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it is found necessary to exert pressure upon the patella and hold
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Brought to the stable, she laid down, and when called again to
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of. Dr. Austin Peters, of Boston, read a paper on *'The City
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tents of the new book have already appeared in the English
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of greater or less degree, and in later stages by the formation of an
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Complaint. — Coldness and stiffness of tlie hands.
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atitis in turkeys. The diseases due to protozoa, genus trypan-
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upper and lower lips and the effect disappeared in two hours.
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them in the beginning, and that, in accordance with the laws of
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the most favorable termination which could be desired — the production of
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One always writes about a subject which has been considered
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the President, to be held in Atlanta at such time as the Associa-
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more gratifying than a hasty diagnosis and improper treatment
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ize that there would be considerable difficulty in getting any-
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chains, running parallel to each, forming grayish-white colonies on agar not
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as a memory of some ancestral form which eliminated its nitrogens as
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that insufficient money is available in the fund, and that the
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depended upon to exercise a strong hand here. In the several
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of the affection. We should guard against error, as a mistake
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ize and conduct the professional affairs of his own state.
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bolism ot the splenic and renal arteries ; infarction of the spleen and
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individual strength was included in our observations from the quite
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microscopic examination of the cells of the semilunar ganglia in
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be great losers through their failure to be active factors in the
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much resembling tetanus, and at first glance mentally pro-
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fatigue, a high wind, late hours, emotional strain will cause similar un-
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Pres. Price : I will say, as I have had more or less to do
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provisions for containers : these refer to the thickness of the tin,
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the principle of selection ; this influence admitted, we would rather
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The proximal third of the tube : Sections through this portion of the tube
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paratus of the chest, and let them acquire all possible intonations of the
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ducts are declared adulterated if they consist in whole or in part


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