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Andrew English, Chicago; W. G. Hassell, Grayville ; P. H.

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(2) Owing to the quieter life of the bird, the feathers will be

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sanitary specialist sent to Chicago as a special commissioner by

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der appropriate treatment. Later she had vomiting and then

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duct a number of tests in Brooklyn upon the blood of glandered

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monary tuberculoses were of digestive origin, have thought to

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weeks. After six weeks' treatment the condition of the patient was

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Marvellous results are obtained, and these especially upon the apparatus of

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report two cases in which the mothers recovered from labor, but the infants

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lack of development only by the educational trips to Europe of some of

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all this intestinal stasis, how does the toxa-mia arise ? Intestinal

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rehabilitate in the article which he has written for the Revue

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knowledge in educational lines. Each of these is capable of

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points : (1) the separation between the two halves of the bifid uvula largely

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on the Most Recent Methods of Examination. By Oswald Vierordt, M.D.

nizoral 1 shampoo ingredients

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dog had been destroyed on the premises where the four animals

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antifungal shampoo containing chlorhexidine miconazole or ketoconazole

The above regime should be maintained for 10 days or a fort-

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patient. Clinically, the lowering of the temperature as well as the

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the heart is most important, I prefer the tincture. Moreover, the tincture

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covering twenty-five years and a record of twenty-six consecu-

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Before proceeding, it may be of interest to learn something

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dies. A.t the autopsy, on opening the thoracic cavity, almost

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kick and to switch the tail remained much the same ; hard

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tissues, more especially after the process of tuberculization has com-


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