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In some places it was two inches in diameter. Attached to it and lying

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in reality it is imprudent and may in some cases become dan-

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have against this food. It was with this intention that the

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the sections examined, but those seen are large and evidently dilated.

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regularity of the cardiac tracing, the persistence of the arterial pressure is

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history, with findings on objective examination, rather points to

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were present, as coronal and frontal headache and extreme restlessness

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(4) Black five-year-old ridgling, brought to my barn Sept.

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Garre [Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, 1893, No. 40) is equally emphatic in

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owe a most exhaustive study of the Egyptian dysentery, found the amoebae

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operation will not starve from regurgitation of the food alongside the tube.

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A my I Nitrate a powerful sedative and antispasmodic. It

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supervened, and in addition vomiting. It is noteworthy that the dose given

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mainly mental. (2) Rheumatoid .Arthritis. (},) \ " nysjHjptir "

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"Whether such a murmur indicates mitral stenosis or dilatation of the

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in the causation of this form of epilepsy. He also advised the covering of

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ach, upon the diaphragm and adjacent organs, with a portrayal

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is incised in the right flank, when a loop of small intestine, ten

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observed to group themselves in clumps instead of swimming

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oesophageal fistula in the neck, after careful disinfection of the stomach

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operation of short-circuiting (ileo-sigmoidostomy). in which an

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esting to note the accurate records of the temperatures follow-

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generality of cases. As an evidence a case is reported which

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to higher and higher government office. Numerous scientific

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