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limb. The colt was found by us, standing quietly, and causing
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instruction in obstetrics, it would be a desirable measure and supply a neces-
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hour." "What do you call your time worth?" "I usually
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While, so far as I have been able to learn, no satisfactory bacterio-
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Kyle, Bloomington ; W. E. Bates, Ellsworth ; F. H. Wessel,
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cured by elongation and resection of the suborbital nerve.
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some cases was diagnosticated as, common acute mania. A form of
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The prophylactic regulations adapt themselves necessarily ac-
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he had his hand torn. That dog bit another dog which went
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examinations made. Tubercles were found in each. The
toms, it was thought justifiable to trephine him at the site of the pain.
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arguments of his paper. While the Review will publish this
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tacks, is very human. '^ A barking dog never bites " is an old
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further, the fibrin is partly deposited free in the synovial liquid in all forms,
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In subject-matter this is a most timely book, and especially for Ameri-
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schools teaching empty benches would deter other States from
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was emptied by an enema, followed by irrigation once daily, and a
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firm nodules formed. The teeth became loose and from time to time epis-
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cient analysis of facts has shown the fallacies that have led to the accept-
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believe it is rabies. I knew of a wolf that acted the same as
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the abdominal wall is closed and the stomach incised with the knife
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of paupers, by having been frequently in and out of the workhouse.
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movements continued to a certain extent during rest; they ceased, however,
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moved daily, but from time to time, as occasion seemed to indi-
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small quantities, may be purchased in the neighborhood of a
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nurses who come fromthe great training-schools of the general hospitals,
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vision in this Act calling for an examination, which will be
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ure, /.^., any who fail to pass the examination, or decline to
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less and less marked as the destroyed peritoneal surface is approached.


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