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issue. The fact that the distended stomach was to a certain extent con-
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pean works and by some which are original with him. Thus,
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process of teething, the author attacks the gum-lancet with much vigor
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stant increase in the number of veterinary practitioners who-
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of a tuberculous infection of alimentary origin without intes-
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with each of these extracts in whatsoever complaints we may judge it will
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culation is the growth of fibrous tissue in that portion of the wall insuffici-
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contracted in divers other ways. The majority of them date the begin-
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For the cultures, the serum of bovines was always em-
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It is now time for veterinarians to make known publicly, gen-
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every case where I employed it. I used eserine on at least a
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pure drinking water, overwork, causing excessive bodily fa-
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ent that this was the semi-annual meeting and that they had
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existing in Connecticut, New Jersey, and other states as a warn-
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the normal tubal columnar epithelium be found. Where columnar
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isolation, being, no doubt, like the rest of us, the Nnctims of tradition.
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With toe-crack, which is a very much more serious condi-
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asserted so, though scoffed at by some of my colleagues, that
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ply comes from the large companies. The hundreds of small
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the lowered bodily temperature, particularly of the extremities, which
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quoted from Sir Dyce Duckworth, A Treatise on Gout, p. 20) found the
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Marked congestion was present in the meninges and brain substance, also
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far greater than that necessary to bring about immunity. The practical
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was devotetl to clinical work. He concluded by again thanking Mr
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the accident to the Vice-President, Dr. W. E. Carnes.
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Laboratory that the wolf was rabid. I tied up the dogs and
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vestigation made in twelve cases of cataract extraction in which the opera-
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absorbed also varies, and may be said to be practically unknown. 14. The


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