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it is by hazard that this pathognomonic manifesta^tion has been

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forced to have a smaller and less worthy representative, or none

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Western Hemispheres, but the marked bacteriological differ-

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perform with it test inoculations upon rabbits, and having determined

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cine. Bourgelat, its youth, with its obscurity and difficulties

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that would more than meet the case ; but, as most of those present

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evidences of interstitial nephritis or hepatitis are also reported. These

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solution of 0.75 gramme has to be double, and to obtain 1 gramme per litre

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all their employes just as soon as they begin to reach the decline

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avoided. The risk from them is very great, especially in regard to

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Fabricius {CentralbLfiir Chir., 1894, No. 6) describes the following opera-

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small, yellowish-brown in color, showing a number of red islets ; there was

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fore, consider it established that staphylococci are more harmful than

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is veiled in obscurity. This cannot be said of the movement

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away in the lymphatic circulation. As a practical conclusion,

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date on the tonsils. Only the 6 cases in his first series are reported in

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As must be seen by the above, the manipulations of the op-

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been rather injurious. In all these experiments, while the gen-

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tebrae feel thick and are unduly prominent, but are not tender. She has

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recognition ; but our belief in the specific nature of pathogenic microbes,

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fort or camp, but only when the purchase tallies squarely with

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courses of instruction given by the Accoucheurs des Hopitaux should

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among the ignorant, nor, indeed, among the laity. The omission is far

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slowly, and carried as high as is possible. The absorption is rapid. When

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lated with rabic virus without developing the disease. They further

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of symptoms. 6. Serious complications may be avoided by proper care and

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sight must be had of the kind of meats taken from the pickling

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of the disease as in man, but other types of the disease have

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and in phosphaturia. In conclusion : 1. The glycero-phosphates are powerful

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