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Mitra^ found gurjun, chaulmoogra, and creolin useful to heal ulcers,
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a lasting antipyretic efiect was not observed in any case. As an anodyne it
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the Province of Tarlac some very large specimens were noticed,
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3. Drugs. The sirop iodo-tannique, in the author's opinion, is one of the
nizoral shampoo ketoconazole boots
The purposes, therefore, that he has in view, as a practical
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quantity injected should be taken from the full culture after shaking
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statement of the average dietary of the individual, not only during
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as indicated whenever it is the seat of gangrene, fibro-myoma, or cancer ; also
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that if the exhaustion was. as it were, not very great, by giving
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part consisting of cell columns which interlace in all directions and
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examination when one has the discharges from tuberculous
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and say, " and as soon as the scales show a steady, though perhaps
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country of the old continent, show the great amount of valu-
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that we frequently deceive ourselves and are led into woful error, even
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length which could be rolled between the fingers, and was considered to
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part in the intestinal movement than is at present supj)oscd ; this
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ence for several months (nasal discharge, loss of condition, etc.),
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division of this ligament can bring about a permanent recovciy
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regard to Tuberculosis, which was read by the Secretary.
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the olfactory lobe. Histological examination of the tumor and
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but leaVes the toxine produced by the germ practically unchanged.
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the signs of softening in the apex of the right lung. In five weeks a large,
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with some four hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars of your
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junction of their secretions form trypsin, a powerful proteolytic
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exterior sources is, on the contrary, possible. — {Monatshefte fur
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but told owner I thought she was trying to have milk fever and
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Having been almost uninterruptedly alone for a period of


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