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the mucous membrane of the gall-badder. — Berliner klinische Wochenschri/t,

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and indicated. A male guinea-pig which happened to be on

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in succession to Dr. Salmon as Chief of the Bureau of Animal

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York is an exceedingly complex one. There are so many ways

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fore the committee and have it acted upon later. From the

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ceps application was unsuccessfully tried. The patient showed high tempera-

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and the next day reached 54 in the morning, at which time her pulse

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suspected animal and it is sold to the companies as suspected.

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doubt that these cases were quite distinct from any scarlatinal infection. On

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An enumeration of the kinds of inspection would be as fol-

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been in federal work and know the rules governing persons in

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ing virus, which alone possesses the specificity, the secondary

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complains of slight pain in the right iliac fossa. A thorough physical

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our friends in America are already familiar by the translation

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After the reading of the papers. Dr. Van Es discussed the

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the 22nd. Brownlee's studies show that very few patients develop

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fied ; what changes can properly be made in the subjects of the

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a man .aged thirty-four, was suffering from disseminated sclerosis.

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less intensity than the ordinary suppurative inflammation caused by the

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tagious. Simmons^ reports several cases of contagion ; while Wheeler"

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Almost the entire length of the oblique incision struck the left rectus

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is termed the test fluid. The serum from the blood is then di-

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He has shown that some of these skulls present a uniform thickening

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taining either a small giant-cell, or a focus of calcification, or they are

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sible coexistence of virulent and non-viruleut bacilli in the same throat.

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wounds when possible, and attempt to secure healing by first

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Of these 31 cases of neurasthenia, the sugar was about

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the third occipital convolution ; and behind, by the occipital pole.

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The general result to be gained is : First, as thorough a theoretical

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ossicles is extensive. He warns against removing the ossicles, if but

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When very faint traces are present the opalescence produced, being distrib-

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The Auditing Committee having completed its work, re-

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inoculation ; serosity taken from the swelling of the third ani-

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much swollen. Blister applied to glands and the usual treat-

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ample. He was much interested to hear that, in Dr Ritchje's

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structed the attendant to give an ounce every two hours. The


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