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Italian language, if on examination they are found desirable for this Journal, will be

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and although he (Dr Melville Dunlop) thought the abohtion of all

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man because, taking in consideration the proportionality based

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the same condition and died. He ate nothing all the time he

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It is for the most part, we believe, no longer possible for a student to have

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for a few days up to many weeks. He had long suffered from

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organic heart disease. In fatty degeneration of the heart the cardiac

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This country has been very tardy in its recognition of the

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posterior surface of the petrous pyramid. The utricle and saccule

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proves that a definition standing alone is almost useless, because,

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a longitudinal incision, exploration, and a resection if much tissue is

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Treatment. — Rest in bed, warmth, light diet ; fibrolysin injec-

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sterilized thin scoop in the form of a long bent probe.

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malignant stenosis of the oesophagus will be nowadays referred to the

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After the tubes liave been inoculated, place two bouillon and two agar and two blood-serum

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through the intestinal mucous membrane and are stopped and

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the middle of the body immediately behind the leg; it corre-

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attitude commonly adopted in the world of science, yet no one can

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the treatment. A remedy — strychnine — formerly considered of importance

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had an opportunity to examine them. They are as follows :

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and insight was that they considered the infective jieriod in scarla-

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or cubical type. Although the cells are sm.ill they resemble both

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tube-wall is seen in the middle third, and here also an occasional large

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secondary indigestion. It was ascertained, by X-rays and by the

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branous inflammations of the throat, with the exception of systematic

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the condition of the patient, as a rule, unimproved, but the temperature

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tremities was seen in 30 per cent, of cases. This condition seems more

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mentary channel is indeed one of the ways in which the infec-

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since the infection can take place in that way there was proba-

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has been the direct occasion of their bad symptoms, and very soon we

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has. made a motion of torsion from left to right and has its right

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cord, whereby a greater mass of blood is thrown from the placenta into the

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metrium ; it is localized to small areas composed of one or two, to six,


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