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covers a portion of external and internal obliques, which were also
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wisdom, and I learn from every one of them. All the writers
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them, and where other explosive plagues prevailed widely, there
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readjusted. A wide rubber ring covers the lower trumpet-like (intra-gastric) end. It holds
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organisms found both in the blood and in the various viscera, these are not
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thermometer drops to 95° F. and rises again to 98°. Animal
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changes should be made with the object of modifying, improv-
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upon humid days. These troubles became augmented during each entire
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Tic. I . — Drawing illustrating Catarrhal Cells. Pus Cells. Red Blood
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4. We have been able to acquire surgical anaesthesia and
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the appendix ; recently I have examined five additional specimens,
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A rational therapeutic system requires antiseptic local cure and internal
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tions in the country for six weeks the weight had not been added to,
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of the Roman world, reached a higher plane, as judged by modern
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dered the agglutination was macroscopic at from 1-500 to i-
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fecal current; it has a scanty mesentery so attached to both caecum and ileum
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found this disease with impaction of the rumen. The graver
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only for your own satisfaction, but to demonstrate conclusively
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I. Mule, eight years old; fistula over squamosal. History:
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and streptococci alone, 33 per cent., with Loeffler bacillus and staphy-
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or consumption, only follows the direct inhalation of the tuber-
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a large part of the observations of Park cited in the text. The examinations for bacteriological
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being the angle of the jaw. Painful symptoms are absent; there is anaes-
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a food soiled with bovine or even human bacilli may not give
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stump returned into the abdomen. If the constriction is too great, Poupart's
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The first had loo c.c, the second only lo c.c. Swelling and
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disease. He writes, loc. cit.: "It may be by direct introduction of the
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under the name of "Durham," .because he is a capitalist and the
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Chaslin " has described a form of mental disorder, usually acute, which
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of them — some of the best among them — could not be examined a second
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week — and repeat the process until the bladder is cleared.
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tainer was well known to some of the members of the Chicago
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An Oklahoma paper relates the following incident as proof"
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2 Chaslin : Annales Medico-psychologiques, Paris, 1892, p. 225. Cited in La Semaine Medi-
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tetanus, purpura hsemorrhagica, also various forage poisonings,
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fair result. The animal becomes quiet and remains so for a
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they are not yet prepared to do, we will have to use a certain amount
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arise in the preparation of meats for the soldiers. Nevertheless,
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early history, is still in the service, at the age of 68 years, hav-


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