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and fusiform. The peritoneal coat is intact, except towards the
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" The best way to get a spavin off is to swap it off." — (Z>r.
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with certain physiological characteristics, which are more or less here-
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teristic, nothing as regards their virulence can be judged from their
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will assume proportions in keeping with the population and in-
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the hsematosalpinx small areas of calcification were frequently no-
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were affected. The prognosis is unfavorable if no treatment is
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dition the bird seemed lively and had a very good appetite. Af-
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towns in districts convenient for inoculation. All animals were
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myself to syphilis, as it is the most often adduced.
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crack. These furrows extend from the inner toe back to the
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set up by movement of the footplate of the stapes in the oval
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seven of the chickens died of the disease. The other five chick-
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A nine-hundred pound saddle horse, three years old, shortly
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most desirable are those in which the cardiac impulse is excessive and
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The toxic products arising from the abnormal decomposition of
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developed on the face, tongue, chest, back, and dorsum of the
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phagia. Movements of the lips were interfered with, and the enunciation
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croup of the horse, applies the forceps open as is usually done
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Dr. G. Walker Barr administers hypodermatically a dose suflicient to
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next tried, the stump being one centimetre long. This gave 11.88 per cent,
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son ; W. J. Johnston, Geneva ; William H. Mahony, Rochester,
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The diagnosis of probable gummy tumor of the liver, which I had
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The National Dispensatory: containing the Natural History, Chemistry,
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auditory canal. These masses soon grew again, and the child died in two
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notwithstanding marked objective manifestations about the
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present as that it limits the spread of the disease by immunizing or pro-
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this case were not pathogenic for rabbits and guinea-pigs strengthens the
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