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* Brit. Med. Journ., June 27, 1891. » Brit. Med. Journ., August 27, 1891.
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of a chisel in the hand during cold weather. In all of these six
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feel like objecting, since it is an advancement for him which he
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Dr. Connoway, of Missouri, sent in his paper on " Recent
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We have everything you may want in the medical line and
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consciousness was fully preserved, and there was an absence of noteworthy
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and upon sanitary legislation ; (4) a practical examination on
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as that alleged would extend the tibia upon the femur and
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usefulness in animals than in man. Pain should be spared as
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Bright's disease was kindled into activity, paralysis showing in
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closely related to our subject, I shall take the liberty of men-
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sult will be a radical cure in the vast majority of cases, and the
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proportion to the length of detention, and was most tri\-ial in thosi-
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tions with Bovovaccine have been performed here under the
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then voided, the nature of the returned fluid giving a very imj>or-
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things being equal. A horse with a high degree of quality,
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Personally I feel much better satisfied to think that I have
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Warrnambool, State of Victoria, Australia, July 28, 1906, ex-
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the Bulletin published by the Iowa-Nebraska Association.
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be stained a deep reddish color, while all other bacteria and ani-
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does this exist without symptoms ! How frequently an accidental exam-
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course of preparation is satisfactory. Samples, representing
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when the nitrogen is incompletely oxidized in the phosphaturic albuminurias,
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to look after the interment of all dead bowwows claimed or
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they have heart disease they continue to be unhappy and melancholic
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kidneys. Acute parenchymatous degeneration of the liver, kidneys, and
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that version or symphysiotomy offers great advantages.
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Frankel {Ibid.) in an elaborate paper on this subject concludes that at


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