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delivery she has lost blood in the same way, and yet has de-

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denning, Robt. C. Moore, B. T. Woodward. Dr. Moore, who

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the student himself questions and examines the patient and then dis-

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drunkard as regards their innate qualities. On this point we are

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accepted at its face value, unless some unworthy feature or mo-

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narian^ a cure for milk fever ^ has already^ in the course of five

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called to see, on Tuesday, Jan. 9, ten miles east of Lafayette,

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seen infection contracted from patients actually whooping. Fecr

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should have said that they were alive to the possibility of the

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matter what other measures we adopt in our fight against tuber-

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the tube is almost normal in the half toward the uterine cornu.

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Oswegfo, Dr. Roy Webber and Dr. H. Geo. Tegg, of Rochester,

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of his numerous talents, that of translation from the classical

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the convention hall, while devoid of remuneration to the Asso-

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phenergan dosing pediatric

to be thoroughly trained in every branch of the science. The

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logical work : its method is largely introspective, with self- consciousness

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Amoebae were not found in the stools of children, but only in those of adults.

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of two months, and three days later another child would be infected ;

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Condition when Seen. — ^Skin over the whole body is hide-bound

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•other possible alternative, and we ought to admit that, however

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not only in assisting the stomach, but as well by bodily rest, — Correspondem-

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used. The child was born asphyxiated, covered with fetid slime. Aspiration

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case with all surgeons. Warmth, morphia and salines, local gastric

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pendix adherent to a portion of caecum, a portion of omentum, and a

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we had veterinarians as inspectors and they did their duty, it

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saries takes place. They are therefore particularly well versed

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and fifty pounds and the truck horse one thousand one hundred

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we meet them and by showing wherein the mistakes are fatal,

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DYMAL, The most efficient remedy in wounds of every

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AuFRECHT {Therapeutische Monatshefte, 1894, No. 3, p. 100) calls attention

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often extremely satisfactory. He liail found that plication of the


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