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membranous inflammation occurred by itself, but in most of them it
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due to the diphtheria bacillus of Loeffler. A case with an acute hyper-
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fundamental and vital importance of veterinary science that pro-
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junctiva. After a period of incubation of from three to five
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from beginning to end, and the lecturer should ask questions of them or other
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had conspicuously failed on any one of the important occasions
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As regards leprosy, benefit is said to have followed the use of gurjun
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able to order the bath to be taken at bedtime, as it promotes sleep and
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is promethazine safe to use when pregnant
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Wochenschr., 1890, Nr. 36 u. 37. C. Strunz : " Ueber fUnf weitere Fiille von Gastrostomie mit
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In a recent discussion before the Harveian Society of London,
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where dropsy is present. Theoretically it has been considered injurious,
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laying the swab down, withdraw the cotton plug from the culture-tube,
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its mesentery, so that it tendetl to be kinked about three or four
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discipline of any kind were unknown in the world before its intro-
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well of the many interesting points connected with the two
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action in electing me, a comparatively new member, to the
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in order to produce satisfactory results. My practice consists
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promethazine 50 mg used for
on the dilated loops of the organ. The hand is introduced into
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about in the afternoon, then simply stay in bed until ten in the morning
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taking of too much or too little food, from over-indulgence or insuffi-
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is about two per cent. The mean duration of stay in hospital is seventy
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preventive medicine the important discoveries relating to the causation
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cases as examples of a transition tj'pe between Friedreich's ataxia
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radiographer read that as a stricture at that spot. Mr Miles wxs
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wheel and do things. The profession of New York State has
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New Jersey State Examinations. — The January exam-
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are most frequently seen in tubercles near or just within the muscular
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The seventeenth annual meeting will occur at the Genesee
is promethazine with codeine safe to take during pregnancy
When tubercle bacilli are present in the sputum in large numbers no par-
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